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With the Workbench Production Operations Management System (POMS), consumer goods companies can coordinate between teams, streamline communication with vendors, and quickly respond to disruptions all in one place.

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Solidify Process

Let managers organize work in the way thats best for them. Give autonomy to individual teams while maintaining a strong sense of the big picture.

Consolidate Communication

Avoid scattered communication threads with vendors. Create a single source of truth for external stakeholder interactions.

Stay on Track

Keep the entire organization on track with high level objectives. Respond to disruptions as they come up. Keep everyone aligned on key milestones.

Launch on Time

Understand critical relationships between milestones. Avoid unforced errors and hit launch dates consistently.

With the Workbench POMS

Structure your workflow around a single tool that scales with you from NPI to mass production.

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Use the Workbench POMS, save money.

Eliminate unforced errors & boost end-to-end production efficiency. Never launch late again.
Increase in speed to market for new product introductions.
10 hrs
Average time eliminated from vendor communication per week.
Average improvement in end-to-end production efficiency.

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