Never miss another launch date.

Workbench is a software solution that helps you collaborate both internally and with contract manufacturers more effectively.

Built for product development and operations teams bringing consumer goods to market.

How We Help

Solidify Process

Give autonomy to individuals, while maintaining a strong sense of the big picture.

Consolidate Product Communication

Avoid scattered communication threads with vendors. Create a single source of truth for product collaboration with external stakeholders.

Stay on Track

Keep the entire organization on track with high level objectives. Respond to disruptions as they come up. Keep everyone aligned on key milestones.

Launch on Time

Understand critical relationships between milestones. Avoid unforced errors and hit launch dates consistently.

Store your Bill of Materials.

Organize and structure product information directly within the platform. Use product information to contextualize workflow.

Collaborate directly on milestone goals.

Minimize emails, WhatsApp's, WeChats, and phone calls by issuing tickets. Assign reminders for work that needs to be done or information needed. Create threads on action items to iterate and converse.

Create and issue tasks.

Add subtasks and breakdown production guidelines and milestones even further. Track progress and use data driven decision making to plan ahead.

Store and tag assets.

Use assets to store files and links within the platform. Connect assets throughout the workflow using tags. Update assets over time so you always have the most up to date version.

With Workbench

Structure your workflow around a tool that scales with you from product concept to customers' doorsteps.

Business Insight

Publishing content on what it means to develop, commercialize, and produce in the consumer goods space.

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The perfect starting point for individuals or small teams who want to get smart about production.
You'll have access to:
Bill of Materials Manager
Asset Database
Projects, Milestones, Tasks
Calendar View


For mid-size and growing teams who want to work at maximum capacity, with no limits.
Everything in Basic, plus:
Project Templates
Analytics Dashboard


For large organizations who want a bespoke solution for their businesses. All features, integrated seamlessly.
Everything in Business, plus:
Managed Domains and Company Branding
Single Sign-On
Dedicated Account Manager
Unlimited Cloud Storage


The perfect starting point for individuals or small teams who want to try Optic for the first time.
$12 Per User, Per Month
8GB Per User
20,000 Per Month
API Calls
Unique Features
Create an account


For large and growing teams who want to work at maximum capacity, with no limits.
$18 Per User, Per Month
100GB Per User
API Calls
Unique Features
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